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Going for a ride at the show We are an active group of local enthusiasts who love our boats and love to use them. We publish a newsletter for our members 3 to 4 times a year. For our meetings, we generally try to have something to attract our members, guests, and Lyman loving friends. In the past, we've had some great presentations on boat restoration and maintenance topics at these meetings. We also started the Classic Lyman Group on Yahoo which is a FREE open discussion group. Picnic Cruise Photo
Going for a Ride at the 2009 Show
If you own a Lyman, had a Lyman, want a Lyman, or just want to talk about Lymans, consider joining us. Just stop by for one of our upcoming events.
June 2009 Ossipee Lake Cruise and Picnic

Lyman Show Schedule

17th Annual NELG Lyman Show
Mark your calendars, this year’s show is Saturday, June 4, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  This is our 17th Annual Show this year, and hopefully the weather and participation will be as good as last year.  As you may know, the show is open to other lapstakes as well. As always, I’m quite certain that we will see some newly restored boats that are also hitting the water for the first time in many years.

Send in your boat info early.  Just like the last few years, we are going to run an early registration process where you only have to send Rick your card information without any money.  The pre-printed cards are so much nicer and easier to read.  If you think you are going to be there, please send me your information for the registration card. For comments, you can write anything noteworthy you would like to add to your registration card.  If it’s a family heirloom, one owner boat, engine information, or even if it’s for sale just let me know.  Please try to keep it brief though.  As you can see, the more writing we have to put in there, the smaller the font will be and harder it will be to read.

Send your info (Model, Year, Owner, City, State, Comments) to:
Rick Filiau
431 Micol Road
Pembroke, NH  03275
(603) 485-7355

Other Show Details

Like in the past, we will also be awarding prizes.  There will be trophies presented for the People’s Choice Inboard boat and the People’s Choice Outboard boat.  Back again this year will be the “Best Unrestored Original Boat”.  We will be sending out our team of volunteers to go take a look at all the entries and determine the winner.  We will also be running a raffle for boat related items as a fundraiser for the club.  This year just like in the past we will be running the raffle like a penny sale.  We will have coffee cans there so you can put your tickets in for just the items you hope to win.

Thursday Ride Merrymeeting Lake
New Destination this year!  We will be leaving from a public boat ramp at the junction of Powder Mill Rd and Merrymeeting Road at 10:00 AM.  When you are sitting at the junction looking toward the lake, the dam is right in front of you and the ramp is on the left side of the dam.  Participants will need to pack a lunch for this one and we may end up just rafting.  Any antique boat is welcome to join us for this open ride and picnic. Please RSVP so we know to look for you if you intend to go. If you can't trailer your boat there but are interested in going anyway, contact Rick and he'll find you room in one of our boats.  This is a public boat launch and there are no launching fees.  If you can get the time off to join us, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.  If you are trailering your boat to the show anyway, consider joining us for one of these rides and picnics.  Call, write, or email Rick for more information.  You can just show and go.  However, the courtesy of an RSVP will just ensure that somebody knows to look for you there and will help the organizers arrange for parking.

Friday Ride Lake Winnipesaukee starting from Lee’s Mills Boat Launch
Another new destination this year on an old familiar lake!  The rides have been such a popular addition to the weekend show activities that members have requested more “get out and use them” time.  We will be leaving from the public boat ramp located at Lee’s Mills in Moultonborough at 10:00 AM.  From Moultonborough Center, proceed 4/10 mile south on Route 25.  Turn left onto Blake Rd.  At the end of Blake Rd, turn right onto Lee’s Mills road and proceed to the end.  No fees charged to launch.  Parking available. Participants will need to pack a lunch for this one also and we may end up just rafting or tying up at a public dock somewhere.  Any antique boat is welcome to join us for this ride and picnic. Please RSVP so we know to look for you if you intend to go. If you can't trailer your boat there but are interested in going anyway, contact Rick and he'll find you room in one of our boats.  You can just show and go.  However, the courtesy of an RSVP will just ensure that somebody knows to look for you there and will help the organizers arrange for parking.  RSVP to or 603-485-7355

Friday Night, June 3rd Cocktails and Welcome Dinner
Keeping with member’s requests for a simple, fun and casual evening, NELG will host a cocktail hour at 6:00 PM. Following cocktails, we have reservations at Nolan’s Bistro and Pub at 39 North Main St., downtown Wolfeboro for 7:00. Nolan’s has a casual dining atmosphere and a nice outdoor patio. There will be a cash bar, we’ll order off the menu, and have separate checks.  Help us give the restaurant a head count, please RSVP to or by phone at 978-886-3545. 

Action Pictures on Show Day
We did this for the first time ten years ago and it really does produce a much better end result.  This year we will once again try to have Eric Sojka there early to take moving pictures from the back of Rick’s boat.  The idea is to have boats making figure 8’s out at least 150 feet from him (to be legal with State regulations).  It also helps if you make those figure 8’s with the idea that you are trying to let the cameramen look at the inside of your boat from their vantage point.  So make big sweeping turns with them on the inside of your arc.  Eric has a high power zoom and we are hoping to get some good moving shots of boats and their owners.  The plan will again be to park over by the Brewster Academy beach so the sun is at our backs looking into your boats.  Call, write, or email Rick to find out more of the details as show time approaches.  We got a much better selection of pictures and some of them were even published in other places besides this newsletter. Of course, Eric will also be there to take shots of the boats at the docks like he always has.  In October of 2007, Eric started selling CD’s with all the pictures he shot during the various shows he attended.  We have been helping Eric sell those.  You will be able to pick them up on the day of the show.  We also hope that you will consider buying a print from Eric or have him make T-shirts out of your favorite shots.

Saturday, June 4, Boat Show, Raffle and Silent Auction
Launching will begin 8:00 am and by 9:00 am we hope to have all the boats in the water and arranged at the dock. New this year, we will have a table of silent auction items, and we are able to accept credit cards! We will also be selling raffle tickets and merchandise with the N.E.L.G club logo. At 2:00 pm we will call out the raffle and silent auction winners and then present the awards.

After things wind down, join us for an informal post-show ride.

General Information
Boat Show - Remember, boat registration is free! Please email or call Rick Filiau at with your boat information. We will provide a registration number and print an information card for you to post on your boat.

We’re all looking forward to a great weekend; let us know if you have any questions.

Great Lyman and Other Antique Boating Events

Southern NH Antique Boat Auction
Gary, Ron, and their crews will be holding the Eighth Annual Southern NH Antique Boat Auction now including vintage Autos and Motorcycles on Sunday, May 15, 2016 with a preview on Saturday, May 14. Start your summer off with a new boat you can enjoy for the whole season! Consignments welcome. For more information or to consign, email Gary Michael, call 603-672-5246, or visit the Inland Boat Works site and follow the links.
New England Vintage Boat and Car Auction
The New Hampshire Boat Museum proudly presents it's annual New England Vintage Boat and Car Auction at the Museum property on Saturday, July 16, 2016 starting at 10 AM. If you are looking to buy, sell, or just participate in the day's events, please see the NH Boat Museum page.
MWCBC Naples, Maine Show
The Mountainview Woodies Classic Boat Club of Maine will be holding their 23rd Annual Antique and Classic Boat Show on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Related events include the following: Tuesday, August 9 rides for campers at Camp Sunshine; Wednesday, August 10 Long Lake cruise to Harrison for lunch; Thursday, August 11 Sebago Lake excursion with lunch at Migis Lodge; Friday, August 12 banquet at Freedom Cafe, followed by Arrival Parade. For more information, go to the MWCBC Show Page or email the show chairman. This is our family's favorite show of the year. Join us once for the events and you'll understand why! Note this year's show is pushed out one week later than normal.

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