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Photos from some of our 2010 Events.
Photo of Gene heading out on Sunapee with 
        Bo Navigating.
Gene heading out, Bo navigating.
Photo of Rick Heading out in his Century
Rick heading out in his Century.
Photo of Hal and Bruce Underway
Hal and Bruce underway.
Photo of Rick's Boat on the Return Trip
Rick's boat on the return trip.

Thursday Ride and Picnic 2010, Lake Sunapee

A bit damp, but certainly not damp enough to stop the particpants! This was a great ride at a spectacular location. Bo Muller took the day off and was our Tour Guide. Thank you Bo and all the participants that made this day a success!
Photo of Gene and Crew Following Behind
Gene and crew following behind.
Photo 1 of Line Up at Lunch
Getting together for lunch.
Photo 2 of Line Up at Lunch
Lunch stop conversation.
Photo of Sargents Marina
Sargents Marina in the background.
Photo of Shaun Reviewing Charts
Shaun reviews chart with the group.
[Photo: Ben Lasher]
Photo of Final Group Prep at Docks
Final prep at docks.
[Photo: Ben Lasher]
Photo of Hal with Shaun Leading us around
        Crescent Lake
Tour starts on Crescent Lake.
Photo of Hal, the Bells, and Shaun.
Hal, the Bells, and Shaun lead the way.
[Photo: Ben Lasher]

Friday Ride and Picnic 2010, Lake Wentworth

A spectacular day for a boat ride! Many thanks to Shaun Berry who graciously toured us around for the day. We all appreciate it! Don't tell anybody, but this is the best part of the show weekend. Check out the pictures and see for yourself.
Photo of Chris Leslie and Ben
Chris, Leslie, and Ben taking it all in.
Photo of 3 Lymans Beached
Beached for the picnic.
Photo 1 of Picnic Lunch
Part of the lunch crew.
Photo 2 of Picnic Lunch
Other half of the lunch crew.
Photo of Hal's boat in the river
Hal's boat in the river.
[Photo: Ben Lasher]
Photo of Rick and Crew Getting Underway
Rick and crew getting underway.
[Photo: Ben Lasher]
Photo of Rick Taking Off
Jack, did you say whiplash?
[Photo: Ben Lasher]
Photo of People's Choice Outboard.
Peoples's Choice Outboard Roger Weeks 1950 13' Ideal

Photo of People's Choice Outboard Awarded.
Photo of People's Choice Inboard
Peoples's Choice Inboard Charlie Wallace 1955 20'

Photo of People's Choice Inboard Awarded.
Photo of Best Unrestored Original.
Best Unrestored Original Joe Williams 1953 18' Islander

Photo of Best Unrestored Original Awarded.
Photo of 1965 19' Inboard.
Chris Cushman 1965 19' Inboard

11th Annual NELG Lyman Show 2010

Images from the 2010 11th Annual NELG Lyman Show. Despite the early morning downpours, the skies cleared and the day was terrific.
[All Show Photos This Section: Eric Sojka]
Photo of the Norton's 30' Sportsman.
Frank Norton 1968 30' Open Sportsman
Photo of Jack Leader's 1940 15' Outboard.
Jack Leader 1940 15' Outboard
Photo of Brandon and his Museum-built Canoe.
Brandon and his museum-built canoe.
Photo of Brandon's first Lyman Ride.
Brandon and family, first Lyman ride.
Photo of Early Volunteers.
Volunteers arrive early.
Photo of Hal's Islander.
Hal Sanderson 1954 18' Islander
Photo of Gene's True North.
Gene Porter 1959 23' Sleeper
Photo of Roger Hamblin's 15' Outboard.
Roger Hamblin 15' Outboard
Photo of Frank Mehaffey's 16.5' Outboard.
Frank Mehaffey 1958 16.5' Outboard
Photo of Bear Buggy.
The Malcolm's 1966 28' Islander
Photo of John Bolyston's 1940 13' Outboard.
John Bolyston 1940 13' Outboard
Photo of Bob Dunbar 1986 26' Skiff Craft.
Bob Dunbar 1986 26' Skiff Craft
Photo of The Show Viewed from Cate Park.
The Show viewed from Cate Park.
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