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Photos from some of our 2009 Events.
Photo of Winter Meeting

A January Winter Meeting

On the left, the gathering at Frank's discussing various restoration and maintenance topics. On the right, demonstration getting right down to business. Frank had me help him heat up the strut to aid in installing the new Cutless Bearing.
[Photos by Hal Sanderson]
2nd Photo of Winter Meeting, removing 
        Cutless Bearing
Photo of Jim Welch talking cracked engine 
        block repair methods.

This April's Meeting at AWBW

On the left, Jim Welch of New World Engines and Columbia Classic Cars talks about cracked engine block repair methods and shows one he's recently completed. On the right, the rest of the attendees are soaking it in. Below is some of the display of Lyman boats Chris put out for us to look over.
[Photos by Hal Sanderson]
Photo of the rest of the crew paying
Photo of Lyman boats on display at the
        April Meeting.
Photo of Bob P cruising Ossipee Lake

Thursday Ride and Picnic 2009, Ossipee Lake

To the left is Bob and Ginger cruising with their 1956 15' Lyman and to the right is Len A and friend in his 1957 15' Lyman. Below is a shot of the picnic stop at the sandbar.
Photo of Len A cruising Ossipee Lake
Photo of a casual picnic on the sandbar
        at Ossipee Lake after cruising.
Photo of Charlie Hamilton's Boat at Little 
        Bear Island Photo of Docks at Little Bear Island Photo of Hal's brother Bruce doing the 
        cooking at the picnic.
Photo of the gang after arriving at Little
        Bear Island.

Friday Ride and Picnic 2009, Lee's Mills to Little Bear Island

Images as they appear starting in the upper left and running left to right. Charlie's boat at the Island. The dock scene at Little Bear after the rest of us arrived. Bruce cooking up lunch on the grill. Great job Bruce! The gang gathering around at Hal's place on Little Bear Island. Thanks Hal for hosting us! Bob and Ginger on the cruise back to Lee's Mills. Joe and Jack relaxing on the ride back to Lee's Mills. A photo looking over my deck at the scenery ahead. Rev. Dave Williams enjoying the ride on the cruise back.
Photo of Bob and Ginger cruising back.
Photo of Joe and Jack relaxing on the cruise
        back. Photo over the bow of my boat on the cruise
        to Lee's Mills. Photo of Rev. Dave Williams on the cruise home
        with us.
Photo of People's Choice Outboard. Photo of People's Choice Inboard Photo of Best Unrestored Original.
Photo of the Mayor's Office.

10th Annual NELG Lyman Show 2009

Images as they appear starting in the upper left and running left to right. People's Choice Outboard winner, a 1956 18' outboard driven by Jeff Murdock. People's Choice Inboard winner, a 1967 30' Open Sportsman owned by Dix and Keith Wolcott. Best Unrestored Original Boat winner, a 1940 15' Center Steering Outboard Runabout owned by Jack Leader. A 1967 22' Inboard Sleeper owned by Chris Cushman. Frank and Claire Norton's 1968 30' Open Sportsman. Charlie Wallace's 1956 18' Inboard. Hal Sanderson's 1954 18' Lyman Islander, the model that made Lyman famous. Gene Porter's 1934 15' Center Steering Outboard Runabout which was the oldest boat at the show.
Photo of the Norton's 30' Sportsman.
Photo of Charlie Wallace's 18' Inboard. Photo of Hal's Islander. Photo of Gene's Early Outboard boat.

2009 Fall Foliage Cruise, Long Lake Maine

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